7 Responses to Dodged a Bullet

  1. This is great! I host a show as well on blog talk. Thanks for the podcast! I miss Poster Children dammit!

  2. Jim Kamp says:

    In the elevator this morning, a fellow drone removed his bluetooth headset. I asked him, “What you rockin?” “Do you mean, ‘What am I listening to?'” “Yeah. What are you listening to?” “Radio Lab. I’m going through the archives.” “Funny – just yesterday, I heard someone lustily declare their hatred for Radio Lab.” “Who could hate Radio Lab?! Why?” he cried out, shocked and confused. “Rose Marshack,” I replied, but as to why, I had no answer.

  3. Andy H. says:

    What was the bumper music for this episode? I dug it, I did.

    1. rickandrose says:

      It’s Pelican by The Maccabees.

      Bad Rick for not back announcing it!

  4. Casey says:

    When are you guys gonna play a show here in Singapore? You have at least Two fans here…

    1. rickandrose says:

      We’re having a tough time playing shows locally! But if we do get back on the road in the future we’d love to try and find a way to Singapore!

      1. Casey says:

        Let’s keep in touch and look me and my friend up when you do come over…we think your music rocks!